Lovering - Lovrien - Loverin - Loveren

Over 4000 descendants of John Lovering (ca. 1620-1668), emigrant from England to New Hampshire.


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Origin of our Name

Where does the name Lovering and its variations come from?

Our Emigrant Ancestor

John Lovering sailed from England to New Hampshire around 1654. Read his story.


A Revolutionary Soldier

Samuel Lovrien (1754-1829) fought in the American Revolution. Read his story.


What's New?

What’s new and exciting in our family? Check the Blog!


Lovrien/Lovering DNA Project

Lovrien genealogist Michelle Lovrien Slabaugh has started a new project in one of most exciting new areas of genealogy: Genetic Genealogy! The project, operated through, collects samples using simple “cheek scraper” DNA kits, and provides you with paternal markers (Y-DNA), maternal markers (mitochondrial DNA) or both. The goal of the project is to ultimately connect our current American generations with our ancestors in England and our cousins around the world.

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My Ahnentafel

This is my family tree in Ahnentafel format. I have been fortunate to have many relatives contact me since I’ve had my websites up and they have helped me compile all this information in addition to my own research. I have also been lucky to have access to photographs of so many of my ancestors.

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Origin of the Surname Lovrien

Before I began genealogy work in the 1990’s, I was told that Lovrien (we pronounce it “Luv-rin”) was French, probably because it looks French and rumors of early ties to Canada. No one was sure of the origin of the name or who the emigrant ancestor was. Does Lovrien mean anything in French? No. There are no Lovriens in the phonebooks of France. Could it be a geographical name, like Lorraine? If you look in an atlas, you’ll find a town called Louvain in Belgium and a village in Slovenia named Lovrin. There are actually a few Lovrin families of Slovenian descent in the U.S., but they are no relation to the Lovriens. It wasn’t until Cyril Goodell (a Lovrien genealogist) came into contact with Elinor Kelley of New Hampshire (a Lovering family genealogist) that the true origin of the name was discovered.

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