Lovrien Genealogy

Over 4200 descendants of John Lovering (d. 1668) of New Hampshire

The genealogy data on this website is a copy of work I maintain on Ancestry.com. It contains information on over 4000 descendants of John Lovrien (d. 1668) of New Hampshire.  If you use Ancestry, please contact me – I would be happy to share with you directly.

Data on living individuals is not displayed unless you have a login.  To register for a login, select Register from the Login menu in the upper right corner of this page.


Finding Family Trees

Simple use the Search box to search the genealogy pages. Or start with one of these featured trees:

My old genealogy database is still online – click here to access it.  If you had a login to the old database it will still work.  Just be aware that this new website has updated information (and more of it).


About Me

My name is David Lovrien and I maintain this website. Some of the research is mine but I stand on the shoulders of many other genealogists who have worked on these lines. It is my hope that by making this information public and easy to access, I can help connect new people to this history. Plus, I get to meet new cousins!

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