The Lovering genealogy is filled with celebrated and decorated war veterans, from the American Revolution to the Civil War and into the First and Second World Wars.  However, we also have at least one connection to the dark side of American celebrity.  It involves the case of American’s first documented serial killer, Herman Webster Mudgett (a.k.a. Dr. Henry Howard Holmes).  You can read all about him on Wikipedia – quite the little monster!

Mudgett took as his first wife Clara A. Lovering (1860-1936), who was descended from Samuel B. Lovering (b. 1808), son of Zebulon (b. 1777, m. Abigail Buswell), son of Moses (b. 1735), son of Daniel (b. 1700), son of John (b. 1663).  In 1880 they had a son, Robert Lovering Mudgett (who grew up to be a CPA and city manager of Orlando, Florida).  In 1887, Herman married a second woman in Minneapolis while still married to Clara, and his shady behavior was just getting started.  He soon filed for divorce from Clara, although it was never finalized.

Based on census and other genealogical data, it seems that Clara had the good sense to leave the whole situation behind and start her life anew.  Holmes was hanged in 1896, and by the 1900 census Clara had retaken her maiden name and listed herself as a widow.  She remarried in 1906 and let’s hope her golden years were much less dramatic!